About E Invoicing

E invoicingYou should look into electronic invoicing if you need an affordable and easy-to-implement way to improve your business’ invoicing process.

The reason for this is that traditional invoicing can often be a tedious, time-consuming and at times costly process. With E invoicing you can cut out all those negatives from your invoicing procedures.

Let me give you a quick overview about E invoicing and how it can help you with your business.

The comparison of electronic invoicing to email is not too far fetched.  In the same way as you are able to communicate much faster and more cost-effective using email, electronic invoicing is the equivalent for your invoice process.

The main difference with e invoicing is that your invoice is being converted into a digital format which means that it can be sent and received over the Internet. You however don’t need to bother about the conversion since electronic invoice service providers do this conversion for you instantly and automatically. All you have to do is to send your invoices by email to the provider as opposed to sending them to your supplier by regular mail.

If your supplier is using electronic invoicing as well¬† you’ll be able to receive your electronic invoice. All this happens within seconds.

The main advantages here are of course that you can cut out the entire mailing process along with postage fees or the costs for mailroom staff. The saved time by sending your invoices over Internet is the other, big benefit of e-invoice.

If this sounds complicated to you, let me assure you it’s not. You don’t even require any particular equipment if you want to make the switch electronic invoicing.

Depending on your business and the amount of invoices you process, e-invoicing can save you considerable time.

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