On Apprenticeships in the UK

The United Kingdom as well as other countries have a vast history when it comes to apprenticeships. Often, only through an apprenticeship a certain profession could be learned.

While this holds still true for a smaller number of professions today, apprenticeships now provide different advantages and benefits and this means they are still as attractive today as they have been in historic times.

apprenticeship-london-2Most graduates today, when they finish school, will face a big challenge: To find the position they want in their desired career field.

The unlucky ones may find themselves looking for months if not years and may possibly even end up in an entirely different field due to a lack of open positions.

With an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom, this and many other issued can be addressed in a rather smart way.

For instance, IT apprenticeships today mean that the apprentice will in all likelihood be hired permanently. The number of those where their apprenticeship turns into permanent employment is especially high in the IT sector with a staggering 94%. In other words, if finding the right job is your concern, an apprenticeship will increase your chances significantly.

However, the increased odds to be hired-on permanently is not the only advantage that an apprenticeship can provide.

Certain career fields, and here again in particular computing and IT in the UK demand specific certifications and training. Those certifications normally have to be acquired in special courses that can cost a lot of money. Today, many companies sponsor their apprentice’s training and certifications which means that the costs to acquire this training will be minimal. The apprentice may only need to pay a fraction of the costs for the often mandatory courses and certifications.


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