On CCTV Fire Detection And Its Advantages

CCTV Fire DetectionCCTV fire detection systems are modern fire detection systems which use digital cameras for fire detection. Compared to older fire detection methods, in particular smoke detectors, CCTV fire detection has many advantages.

The most obvious advantage of CCTV fire detection is that these systems can also reliably work in places where smoke detectors would be unsuitable, such as in the outdoors.

Where reliable fire detection had previously been challenging if not entirely impossible, CCTV fire detection can now provide effective and reliable fire detection.

Good example cases were CCTV fire detection systems can be used would be locations such as sports stadiums, forests, parks and gardens, shopping malls or large manufacturing plants.

But the fact there CCTV fire detection can now come where previously other detection methods couldn’t work is only one of the many advantages. Among their other benefits is their fast detection time. Manufacturers of fire cameras such as Ciquirix found in their testing that their digital fire detection systems can detect fires often as fast as within 10 seconds of a fire occurring. Not only can these systems detect fires essentially in the real-time, they can also automatically notify responders to the location of the fire. The system can even provide them with the exact GPS coordinates. This way, response times and as a result damages from fires can be significantly reduced.

Although primarily developed for certain industries where fire detection with smoke detectors had previously been impossible, CCTV fire detection is now also gaining interest among private users as a new way to detect fires in their homes. It is also in particular of interest for small business owners, sports clubs and other organisations.

Lastly, one other benefit of CCTV fire detection is that it can be seamlessly incorporated into any existing video surveillance system. In such cases, one can simply replace ordinarily CCTV cameras with fire cameras, which makes their installation and setup rather simple and straightforward.

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