The Ansul Kitchen Suppression System

Effective protection from fires, that is the ability to detect and quickly suppress a fire can save businesses in the United Kingdom millions of British pounds each and every year. In many cases, an effective and quickly acting fire suppression system in place may even save a business from financial ruin.

Fire-Protection-Systems.2While fire safety plays an important role for almost any type of business today, some commercial venues are in particular prone to fire hazards.

Think about restaurants or hotels that make use of large commercial kitchens. Those types of venues are always at risk that a fire may break out unexpectedly.

The Ansul kitchen fire suppression system has been designed so as to provide the most effective fire protection and suppression for those commercial venues. Many thousands of kitchens, grills, restaurants and hospitals in many countries have this fire suppression system in place today.

What makes the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system special?

The Ansul is not only capable of quickly extinguishing a fire that may originate from appliances such as hot grills or ovens. It was designed to meet the specific demands for those types of venues.

The non-toxic fire extinguishing agent used by the Ansul system is self-dissolving which means that there won’t be major clean-up efforts necessary after the system engaged. As a result, normal operations of the business can quickly continue – an important criterion for businesses where each day unable to operate would otherwise mean significant losses.

Because of those advantages, the Ansul fire suppression system not only provides maximum fire protection for many commercial venues today but also helps them to save significant amounts of money. Not without good reason the Ansul system is one of the most widely-used fire suppression systems today.

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