The U.K.’s five-year plan for education

The United Kingdom’s Education Secretary Secretary Nicky Morgan has now revealed the government’s five-year plan to rejuvenate the nation’s public education.

There 128 page White Paper contains several elements, including recruitment, leaders, school-led system. It also covers important aspects in education such as how to prevent underperformance, high expectations and accountability as well as educational resources.
The 128-page White Paper is broken down into seven main elements – recruitment, leaders, school-led system, preventing underperformance, high expectations, accountability and resources in the right hands.

Every school an academy

One of the cornerstones of the government’s plans is to make every state school in the nation an academy.

This means that by the end of 2020, all remaining schools will have become academies on will be in the process of conversion.

The White Paper covers how to create new government powers to help direct schools to become academies, especially in those locations where schools are underperforming,

It covers how to seek views on a number of changes to the school admission system in order to make this process simpler. The paper calls this “requiring local authorities to coordinate in-year admissions and handle the administration of the independent admission appeals function”.

​It remains to hope that this plan by the UK government to rejuvenate its public school system will help make state schools more competitive. When it comes to education in the UK, private schools are still said to have a significant edge as compared to their state-operated counterparts.

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